iPhone App Video Review: iStunt 2

Mar 29, 2011

iStunt 2 is the latest release from the popular online game developer Miniclip.com. The app is an arcade snowboarding game focused on over-the-top stunts and some of the craziest mountain formations this world has ever seen.

The controls for the game are very simple. Players will tilt the device to either side to control rotation. Tapping on either the left or right buttons will initiate a grab while swiping up or down will jump or crouch respectively.

Throughout the game you will collect stars though it wasn’t readily apparent why I was doing it. There are various boosts that will affect your snowboarder and sometimes are necessary to make that perfect jump. The sound effects in the game were great and the music was upbeat enough to keep up with the pace of the game. There wasn’t much to dislike in this game with the whole experience being fun overall.

Being a Miniclip game, iStunt 2 isn’t something meant to last for hours, but easily could turn into that. At the time of this review the game was on sale for 66% less than the normal selling price. This was definitely worth the price though I would be a little more hesitant once the regular price kicks in. The game comes in both an iPhone version and an iPad version but sadly did not include a free version.

Overall, it was a fun game with some pretty challenging levels. I recommend checking it out.

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Erik Fikkert

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