iPhone App Video Review: iSlash

Mar 3, 2011

I love it when good games come out and are offered for a low price. iSlash for the iPhone is a cheap app available in the App Store and at the time of this review, was sitting comfortably in the top slot. It’s not that hard to see why as it includes the gameplay experience of one of the most addicting casual classics created.

The app plays almost exactly like Jezzball but instead of trying to trap each ball in its own compartment, you are trying to slice away as much of the container as possible. The goal is to keep the stars together and cut up the majority of the shape. It’s not as easy as it sounds and with a large amount of levels to play through, you’ll be encountering some really tough levels.

There’s not really much more to the app as far as gameplay goes. The graphics are decent and the sound effects could use a little work.

But for a cheap game that kept me entertained for a while, it’s definitely worth looking into. You can compare your scores with others around the world so see if you can get a top spot on a level. Check it out.

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