iPhone App Video Review: iPhoto

Mar 9, 2012

iPhoto, the long standing photo editing app from Apple, has finally been given a mobile counterpart. It’s a stylish app with enough basic functions to get just about any simple editing job done, whether you’re making your photos presentable for your family or just playing with filters and effects. It’s easy to figure out, and after a few trial runs, you’ll be editing your photos like a pro.

After importing your photo via your camera roll or through iCloud, you can crop and rotate it, adjust the brightness, do some color correcting, and more. Some simple tasks available are red-eye fixing, softening, sharpening, desaturation, and all are easy to use. Then for kicks and giggles you can throw all kinds of artistic filters on your photos. It’s probably not the most complex and versatile photo editing app out there, but it gets the job done. There are a few nagging issues, such as folders staying on the dashboard even without any photos inside them, but most of those are minor and can easily be fixed. Unfortunately, a front facing camera is required to run this app, even if you aren’t taking photos with it, so the original iPad is not compatible.

You can organize your photos into events and journals and then share them on the web using iCloud. It is extremely easy to share any edited photo to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and others. You can also print right from the app with a Wi-Fi enabled printer, and the app brings its own “slideshow accompanied by generic music” functionality, so you can turn your life into a real, honest-to-god advertisement. The app is iOS Universal and available for five dollars at the time of this review. If you’re going to use the iTunes AppStore reviews to look for issues and bugs, be wary, as several of those are flat out wrong when describing the functionality of the app. It’ll probably be disappointing for some hardcore photo editing fans, but most people will be happy with the simplicity and style this app presents.

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