iPhone App Video Review: Infinity Blade II ClashMob

Apr 23, 2012

The illustrious Infinity Blade II recently released its first major content update, including the new addition of ClashMob online multiplayer. There were several minor changes to go along with the major ones, and Infinity Blade II just got way more awesome than it already was.

The new multiplayer component is not what you would expect in the traditional sense. Essentially, new bosses and special tasks are uploaded each day, and everyone in the world does their part to help, all for special rewards and bonuses. This can take the form of multi-million health point bosses, with every player given a short time limit to dish out as much damage as they can. You can also be asked to kill one of several thousand enemies or to survive as long as you can against a powerful foe, adding your survival time to the pot.

There are usually only two or three new missions added each day, and they won’t take very long to complete on your end, but it’s definitely a very cool way to extend the life of the game and to give everyone a reason to boot it up week after week. Objectives are updated every few seconds, and you can watch the size of each mob grow as well as your objectives progress. It all really helps make you feel like you’re a part of something bigger. One thing that a quick visit to the App Store review section of the game will show you, is that unfortunately, a Facebook account is required to take part in ClashMob. However, you can also create your own groups, called MyMobs, with your friends and contacts. The larger your mob is the more perks you’ll all receive, such as extended combat time or extra cash.

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Some other gameplay elements have been improved as well. Now, when you’ve mastered a sword or other piece of equipment, you can finally actually sell it without needing a duplicate. They’ve also revamped the gem system, making the equipping process more streamlined, as well as adding a gem crafting mechanic. Any three gems can be combined in the hopes of getting a better one, but it seems that it’s very risky, as people are reporting useless gems as a result. Add to all of that general bug fixes and performance improvements, and this game just got infinitely cooler. All of this might not be enough to interest you if you don’t already have the game, but it’s really cool to have, and a definite upgrade.

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