iPhone App Video Review: iMuscle

Jun 23, 2011

iMuscle is another app in the health related series of apps from 3D4Medical.com. This one is focused on teaching the world about working out. Using 3D model animations and a pretty thorough planning system, this app makes a great lifting guide.

It will take you a little while to get up to speed on all the different sections and functions of the app. There is a handy little tutorial video you can watch on start up before diving in. You can use the quick navigation to quickly find a specific area of the body. Once you are looking at any area up close, little blue pins are shown sticking out of all the different muscles. Tapping on these pins will show you all the different primary and secondary lifts, as well as all the stretches involving that muscle. After selecting a specific move, you can see an animation depicting the proper form for the lift, all the different muscles involved, and some text information, divided into preparation, execution, and random comments regarding the lift. You can also add that lift to a specific workout. There are over 450 lifts and stretches to choose from here.

After creating a user profile, you can create all kinds of workouts. The planner allows you to decide how many sets, reps, and the amount of weight you want to use per lift. You can divide each workout by custom names, such as Lower Body Stretches or Upper Body Lifts, Or Ultra Mega Workout Supreme if you’re feeling creative. You can also reorganize the order you wish to perform each exercise, and use the app to keep track of each set you’ve completed. This is a great way to spend the rest period between lifts. The app even tracks your progress across workouts, showing you what you’ve completed and how you’ve improved, which helps to create some motivation. Most serious weightlifters, myself having been one many years ago, will tell you that keeping track of everything you do is a big part of keeping yourself on schedule.

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I have some complaints, though. The UI is kind of a pain to use. You’ll often hit buttons on accident, even when you’re being careful. Navigating the planner and reorganizing it is a real chore because of the interface. It would also be nice to see some workout animations from different angles to get a better sense of the right form, though that’s just me nitpicking. As someone who stopped seriously working out as soon as high school ended, I can tell you that this app is actually pretty good for motivating you to lift. The amount of information here is invaluable, even if you don’t hit the gym that often. And what’s great is that you can easily switch between this app and whatever angry workout music that you may happen to have on your iPhone. This one will only cost you $2. Check it out.

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