iPhone App Video Review: iBlast Moki 2

Aug 19, 2011

iBlast Moki 2 is a great sequel to the decent iBlast Moki, developed by Godzilab. It’s a great physics-based puzzle game that improves on its predecessor in just about every way imaginable, and feels on the whole like a much more polished and complete experience.

The basic concept of these games is that you have to get all the Mokis on a level to the magic portal by placing bombs and setting their timers to guide the Mokis through their environment. This game is the same concept, but adds a lot to the formula. Most notable is the addition of paint bombs, among various other new and unique mechanics, such as different sized Mokis. There is even a small semblance of a story in this game, with video cut scenes and everything.

The paint bombs have various properties. They can grease up the field to make your Mokis move faster, send your Mokis bouncing all over the map, or even glue them to specific surfaces. Using these in conjunction with the old school bombs and setting everything to a timer, you help the Mokis get home. The general interface has been improved and simplified. It’s a lot easier to adjust your set up over and over again as you try to get it just right. A dotted lined will show your Moki’s path on the most recent trial, which is really helpful. Even moving a bomb over by one tiny nudge can make all the difference in this game, so anything that helps you understand everything is great. There are four main worlds, plus bonus worlds unlocked by perfecting the main ones.

After you finish a level, you are rated out of three stars based on how quickly you got the Moki to the goal and whether you collected all the flowers in a level. The game is much more competitive now, with the top three leaderboard scores always being shown at the rating screen. A very interesting new feature is the ability to look at solutions. For one Moki coin, you can look at the Godzilab official solution, or any of the top leader board solutions. You still have to figure out the proper timing on the bombs yourself though, and it’s really hard to follow the exact placement shown, so it doesn’t make it too easy. You unlock Moki coins by completing worlds. Otherwise you can buy a pack of five through an in app purchase of one dollar. If you want to unlock every world at once, you can also buy that for one dollar as well.

Another great feature is the level editor. The last game in the series also had a level editor, but it’s been greatly improved. Godzilab has totally stolen Little Big Planet‘s tagline of “Play. Create. Share,” but that’s OK. The level editor seems very robust, and you can make just about anything with practice and patience. On the whole, this game is just better than the last one. The art style has improved, as has the sound design, user interface, and everything else. This is a great game which will cost you three dollars, but if you hurry, you can get it for one dollar during its launch sale. Check it out.

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Andrew Koziara

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