iPhone App Video Review: Fieldrunners 2

Jul 23, 2012

Back when Subatomic Studios released the original Fieldrunners, it was an original tower defense title that grabbed people’s attention with great visuals and innovative mechanics. At long last, we have a sequel in Fieldrunners 2, and it somehow managed to top itself completely. It may not be as unique now that we have so many tower defense titles to choose from, but it’s still top-tier fun.

Because the base formula created by the first game was near perfect, this sequel is all about bringing in that extra attention to detail and balancing. While the first game was entirely open field, this one mixes things up in a big way with several game types, including closed path/open field hybrid maps the likes of which I’ve never seen. On top of that, we’ve got crazy alternate game modes, like time trial, sudden death, and even a puzzle mode, and they show up pretty frequently. On top of all that, you can use coins earned through play to purchase special items, like a big bomb or a three-round rewind, though you only get so many per purchase.

The interface is the same drag and drop variety that we’ve all come to expect, and it works well. The revamped and upgraded visuals are stunning for this genre, and everything from the way soldiers move to the extra large towers and their animations feel more lifelike and unique. This game is full of color and that old inspirational military music, which makes things even better. There are several in-game challenges to attend to, from the various special achievement cards to the same old Game Center achievements and leaderboards, though Game Center is currently not working due to bugs. With more towers than ever, old favorite modes like survival and endless returning, and a nice dose of innovation, Fieldrunners is still king. Fieldrunners 2 is available for three dollars at the time of this review.

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Andrew Koziara

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