iPhone App Video Review: Emissary of War

Aug 25, 2011

Emissary of War is a dungeon crawling RPG with a sense of humor, developed by Cedar Hill Games. The graphics are pretty good, but the game really shines in the combat and the dialogue. Definitely check this out if you like dungeon crawlers.

The game puts you in the shoes of Ghent, a manly man with ridiculous hair, and Hassock, his clumsy cowardly best friend and side kick. The two of you have been on a mission spreading peace treaties in the name of the Dominion. You soon find out that everything has gone completely awry, and there are bad guys that need killing.

To control the duo, you swipe the screen to move the camera and simply tap the ground where you want Ghent to go. This game isn’t very challenging, and it’s a very simple dungeon crawler. You go around beating enemies down as Ghent while hassock supports you by constantly lobbing potions of all kind. From health potions to status effect potions for enemies, you have an endless supply of potions at your disposal. Ghent builds up his rage meter as he fights, which allows him to unleash a devastating attack once filled. As you fight enemies, you’ll collect money. Strewn across every map are some rune stones, usually guarded by more enemies. Money is used to buy new weapons and potions while rune stones are used to upgrade your stats. Weapons don’t actually affect your stats, but instead determine what kind of rage attack you can use.

As long as you keep Hassock alive, the game is pretty easy. You can only upgrade everything in the game about five times. I felt the combat was very well-balanced throughout the game, and I never felt too overpowered. The dialogue and voice acting in this game are actually pretty well done, and the banter between Ghent and Hassock is always a joy to listen to. The game supports Game Center achievements to go for on a second play through, and it’s iOS universal. This is billed as a free game, but you only get the first half for free. The second half of the game is unlocked through a one dollar in-app-purchase. It’s a rather short game too. Each half can be beaten in about half an hour. The ending leaves everything wide open for a sequel, and upon beating the game, you unlock a 54 page short story detailing the background of Ghent and Hassock, which is a nice touch. This is a great title for only one dollar, and everyone should at least check out the totally free first act.

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