iPhone App Video Review: Drop the Chicken

Apr 13, 2011

Drop The Chicken is an app created by the developer Sharp Creative Agency. The app is summarized quite nicely in its title, but the gameplay can best be described as a Cut The Rope clone of sorts. In fact, the game feels like its little brother.

The object of the game is to drop the chicken into the nest while collecting as many bugs as possible for points. The player will need to utilize the various objects (wooden boards, conveyor belts, etc.) in the level to make sure the chicken catches the bugs and avoids the deadly bombs. Once everything has been positioned, pulling the lever will drop the chicken and send it on its journey.

The game ran pretty smoothly the entire time I played it and though the physics seemed a little floaty, the gameplay was fun. There are currently four different worlds to play through each with over 15 puzzles to complete.

The game is available for both the iPhone and iPad in a universal version, although there is no free version to test out. At the time of this review, the game was offered at a ridiculously low price. It really is a toss-up with a game like this, as more popular games have definitely taken the spotlight. For the cheap price this is still a definite buy though. Check it out.

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Erik Fikkert

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