iPhone App Video Review: DrawRace 2

Sep 13, 2011

DrawRace 2 is the next installment in the great racing series developed by Redlynx and published by Chillingo. It improves and expands on the last game in just about every aspect possible, and the whole thing feels very polished. After their last few releases, I’m starting to think that Redlynx can do no wrong.

The game uses a very Flight Control-esque control scheme in which you draw the path of your racer and watch him follow it. You have to draw every lap before the race even starts, slowing down for turns and being as precise as possible. It starts out fairly simple, but the challenge quickly escalates as different terrains such as dirt and snow are thrown into the mix, making you change up your strategies significantly.

Some races are completely different, such as the balloon collecting races in which you simply have to get to the end of a closed track with a certain number of balloons. The controls feel great. You feel like you have much more control, and a lot more information is being conveyed to you than in the last game. The game mixes things up even further by adding several cars with varied speed and handling capabilities, each meant for specific tracks and terrains.

There is a lot of multiplayer support, whether it’s local multiplayer on the same device or online against friends around the world. Crystal leaderboards and achievements are supported and give you a lot to work towards. The World League multiplayer mode is particularly interesting, adding skill level progression and random matchmaking. There is a lot of stuff to unlock in Career mode and use in multiplayer. If you don’t want to work to unlock all the tracks and cars, you can attain them through in-app purchases.

The original DrawRace was very simple and had a cartoony aesthetic, while the sequel has upgraded to stunning 3D graphics. Both styles look great in their own way, but I love the new look of the game. It’s more in line with what I’ve come to associate with Redlynx in the Trials series. The sound effects and music are great too. This game is a must-own for fans of the first, and for anyone who likes racing games in general, and it’s only one dollar. Definitely check this one out.

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Andrew Koziara

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