iPad App Video Review: Draw Something by OMGPOP

Mar 15, 2012

Draw Something by OMGPOP is a great new mobile version of Pictionary… by OMGPOP. It plays out much like Words with Friends and all the other turn based, push notification games out there, and it’s great fun. While I really enjoyed it overall, there are a few missing features that would really push this app over the top and make it truly great.

You can play this game with random strangers or with friends and contacts from your Facebook and Email accounts. The game is cross platform, so you don’t all need to be on iDevices. Once you challenge someone to a game, you choose between three words of varying difficulty, and must then draw the word for your partner. Higher difficulty words will result in greater rewards, but they’re often more abstract or complex. When you’re done, your partner must then guess what your word is while watching a live, real time recreation of your exact drawing process. This is made easier by the fact that you are given very specific letters with which to spell your answer, so you can use those as a clue. Once they guess or fail to guess your word, they go back to step one and do the same for you.

The drawing tools themselves are pretty diverse for such a simple game. Different brush sizes are available, different erasers, and you can scrap a picture at any time and start over. Something this game could really use is a simple undo feature, especially since it’s so easy to erase more than you mean to with the uncertain accuracy of a touch screen. You can purchase different sets of paint with in-game coins you receive as a reward for playing. You can also buy special bombs which change your word options or destroy letters while guessing. Of course, if you choose, you can buy coins in-app for a boost. Alternatively, since there is no referee watching over your game, you could easily become a dirty cheater and boost coins, but where is the fun in that?

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All in all, this game is great, and definitely worth picking up. It’s simple fun presented with a colorful, easy to use interface. The developers have made many tweaks thus far, though the app still needs some work. For example, once you are in the game process, there is no way to back out, even temporarily, to go work on another match. You have to close the app entirely in such a case. Also, many people are experiencing crash issues, though the developers are working on it. As these minor issues get fixed, the game will only get better and better. Draw Something is iOS Universal and available for just one dollar at the time of this review, which it is more than worth. If you’re still unsure, there is a free version to test out as well.

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