iPhone App Video Review: Destinia

Sep 22, 2011

Destinia is a new action RPG from Gamevil, who also brought us the Zenonia trilogy of games. This game is very similar to those in general gameplay and mechanics. Destinia brings decent story and gameplay to the table, but is lacking in several areas which drag down the experience.

The game puts you in the role of Duke, a prodigy knight who was trained by the best in all the land, Kaiser. Duke and Kaiser have this whole Final Fantasy VII Cloud and Sephiroth thing going for them. Eventually Kaiser takes things a bit too far. After Duke steps in, he’s locked away until some resistance fighters basically trip over him while rescuing one of their own. I can’t say that much about the story, but the set up was interesting enough, even if the dialogue was full of spelling and grammatical errors. The empire has an army of Dark Knights, for example, which in this game mean humans that are possessed by demons and turned into a whole new race.

You start the game by selecting from a Warrior, Thief, or Gunner class. Each class has its own save data, so you can safely try all three. The gameplay consists of running around dungeons and forests and killing monsters. The combat is pretty good, though it can get very repetitive. As you level up, you’ll unlock plenty of abilities to mix things up with. There are too many facets of the game to thoroughly explain, so I’ll just list them. There is a crafting and forging system for your items, ability trees with various paths, and even a pet system with breeding and everything. It’s all very standard RPG fare; there’s nothing really new here.

There is, however, a multiplayer battle mode which pits your character against others of the same level, and it’s surprisingly populated. I never had trouble finding a match. This mode comes complete with stat tracking, battle reports, and even an MMO style auction house to shop in.

The games controls can feel very awkward at times. Double-tapping a direction causes your character to dash, and you constantly do this on accident, which is bad in crowded dungeons. Enemies respawn a bit too quickly as well, which can lead to you being cornered if you aren’t careful. The game’s looping soundtracks were uninspired and quickly became tiresome. Despite all my complaints, it’s still a solid game with a lot of content to offer. It might not be the best action RPG in the App Store, but it’s a great buy for only one dollar. Check it out.

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Andrew Koziara

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