iPhone App Video Review: Cut the Rope: Experiments

Aug 4, 2011

Finally, Om Nom makes his return in a brand new edition of Cut the Rope, titled Cut the Rope: Experiments. This time around, the app is self-published by developer Zeptolabs. I guess when your only real competition is Angry Birds, you don’t really need a publisher anymore. This entry in the series stays true to its name, full of both rope cutting as well as experimental new mechanics.

Om Nom ends up on the doorstep of a scientist. This scientist is determined to figure out exactly what Om Nom is and begins his experiments. Strangely enough, there are no blood samples or dissection involved. He just has you feed Om Nom more candy.

As always, the goal of the game is to bring the candy to Om Nom using the various mechanics, with the added objective of collecting the three stars on every level for a perfect rating. The game quickly brings you up to speed on all the relevant mechanics of the last game. It isn’t long at all before you see sliders, air guns, and spiders. The first thing you’ll notice is that the stars… dear lord, the stars actually move now. I thought it was hard enough when they were stationary. The three boxes mainly focus on three new mechanics.

The first are excessively bouncy pads that send the candy all over the place. The second are these rope shooters, which always automatically target the candy. You simply tap the gun to fire. The third have the candy attached to a suction cup. You can tap a suction cup to release it from the wall and tap it again to stick it back. All the new mechanics are great, and the puzzles are just as fun as ever. In fact, I found the game to be overall more enjoyable and less frustrating than the first. Due to the nature of the new mechanics and the moving stars, timing seems to be more important than ever before. Some of the moves you pull off in this game are really cool, and definitely make you feel accomplished for pulling them off.

This iteration preserves all the charm of the original game. Om Nom is still the cutest monster on the iPhone. The backgrounds are even more vibrant and interesting this time around and the music is as good as ever. The addition of the scientist feeding you encouraging comments is a welcome one. He always remarks on your intelligence. What a nice man. I didn’t come across any, but apparently there are four hidden photos to find and collect in the game. I don’t know what their purpose is, though. Game Center leader boards and achievements also make a return. As with the previous title, there are likely going to be tons of free levels added. Experiments lays a solid foundation for a game that could potentially outdo the first, and everyone should check these games out. The normal version will cost you a dollar, with the iPad version costing two. Everyone go buy it. Om Nom commands you.

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