iPhone App Video Review: Color Collider

Apr 18, 2011

Color Collider is an app created by CAPCOM. The app is a physics-based puzzler game where players are challenged to fill bins with the appropriate number of colored balls. While this sounds easy, it can actually be quite challenging.

Each levels starts with uncolored balls at the top. The player is then given a specific set of tools that are able to change the color of the balls or direct them in a certain way. Tapping the green button at the top will release the balls and they will fall into the setup created and hopefully into the correct bins.

The game has 60 levels to play through with each level progressively getting harder from the last one. The graphics aren’t anything special in this game, though the gameplay was somewhat addicting. One complaint I had was how tilting the device would affect the drop of the balls. Though it could arguably be used to get them where you want, it tended to make it hard to play the game while laying down or in any other position other than holding the phone straight up.

Overall, the game was fun and definitely presented some awesome challenges, but it really is one of those games you won’t know if you like until you buy it.

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