iPhone App Video Review: Clear

Feb 24, 2012

Clear is the latest productivity app from Realmac Software. It allows you to quickly make short and handy lists of all kinds, from shopping lists and to-do lists to bucket lists. It’s very slick and streamlined with an innovative gesture-based user interface that’s simple to use. In fact, it’s just a bit too simple, and unfortunately the versatility and usefulness of the app is not really up to par.

There was a lot of work put into this app to be sure. The sheer amount of gesture based functions will probably take some time to memorize. You can swipe items to the left to delete them, or to the right to mark them as completed. Tasks that you complete are scratched out and added to the bottom of the list. You can swipe up and down to navigate, pinch the screen open to create new items, tap and hold to rearrange items, and so on.

All of this honestly makes the app quite fun to play around with, and the presentation is definitely top notch. Unfortunately, the app just isn’t very useful. Each list item has a 29 character limit, and additional details can’t be added to any of them. While unnecessary, the app could really have used some kind of reminder function, allowing you to set items to a specific time of the day. All of the different gestures are kept in the tips and tricks list, and there are even a few different color schemes to choose between. This app just doesn’t seem worth it for practical reasons, but if you want to try it regardless of these flaws, knock yourself out. You can download it for the introductory price of one dollar, and I can’t really see it being worth any more. Hopefully new functions are added in the future.

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