iPhone App Video Review: Chop Chop Slicer

Jun 14, 2011

Chop Chop Slicer is the latest in the long running series from Gamerizon, and seems to be the official continuation of the recent Chop Chop Rocket. The game takes a familiar mechanic and presents it in an interesting new way; all while sporting colorful and impressive visuals.

The game puts you in the space boots of the pilot from Chop Chop Rocket after he crash lands on a planet. He is immediately bombarded with asteroids and strange alien creatures. You must slice your enemies into pieces before they reach you and ruin your day even more.

The game takes the famous slicing mechanic of Fruit Ninja and builds upon it. In this app, the accuracy of your slices is the name of the game. It isn’t enough to cut enemies, but you have to cut them with precision, staying as close to a 50-50 split as possible. These targets aren’t just moving up and down though. They are also moving forwards and backwards while twisting and tuning.

In Arcade mode your main goal is just to survive and progress, and rapid aimless slicing to save your life won’t be penalized, unless you hit one of those dumb pink octopus things. You do, however, get a bigger and bigger bonus for each consecutive perfect slice. In Perfect Slicing mode, the only thing that matters is cutting right down the middle as often as possible. The final mode is simply a time attack in which you have to get as many points as possible in a minute.

I commend these developers for expanding on a popular mechanic rather than just making another simple clone. They put some effort into the game and it shows. The graphics are stylized and even rather impressive when dozens of foes are falling apart on screen. The game throws in Facebook, Twitter, and OpenFeint support to sweeten the deal even more. This app will cost you one dollar. Check it out.

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