iPhone App Video Review: Camera+

Mar 16, 2012

There are several Camera apps in the App Store that seek to improve upon and replace the default app and give consumers more options. One of the most popular of said apps is Camera+ from tap tap tap, and it’s been fairly popular for nearly two years now. That being said, we’ve never done a video review of it, and it’s just released its second major update with version 3, so what they hey, why not finally take a crack at it!

Camera+ does indeed improve on plain old Camera in a myriad of ways. It adds different flash and flashlight settings, a zoom feature, and four different shooting options, including a timer mode and a rapid fire burst mode. On top of that, there are various options to tweak, and plenty of functionality regarding geo-tagging, sharing, and more. After you’re done shooting, you can delve into the other half of this nifty package: editing. Tons of editing options are included, from cropping, to pre-set scene swapping, and tons of sweet looking effects, filters, and customizable frames and borders. Some effects must be purchased in-app before becoming available, but you can sample any of them.

I guess I should sift through the recent update features and list some of the notable ones. One always important feature is picture clarity, and it’s better than ever. We also now have access to focus and exposure locks, improved sharing and importing functionality, two separate workflows that provide you with more shooting options, optional notification support, several API’s which integrate Camera+ with various web based services, and general bug fixes and enhancements. However, they still have yet to include plain old video recording abilities, which come standard in the default iPhone camera app. What’s the hold up? Maybe we’ll see it in version four. Of course, there are still some bugs and glitches to contend with, even if they are far fewer in number.

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All in all, this is definitely a great alternative Camera application. It’s not the only one on the market, and must contend with the likes of Camera Awesome and ProCamera, all of which boast their own strengths and weaknesses. I’d definitely look at those two as well if you still want to shop around. If you’re okay  with the lack of video recording and you want some basic editing capabilities, this app definitely gets the job done. At only one dollar at the time of this review, it is definitely a value. Check it out.

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