iPhone App Video Review: Burrito Bison

Oct 13, 2012

One common iPhone trend is the release of free Flash games on the App Store as paid mobile apps. From Steambirds to Canabalt to Robot Unicorn Attack to Gemcraft, Apple has helped plenty of developers make a profit off of their excellent games, especially thanks to their refusal to support Adobe Flash. Burrito Bison is the latest game to receive this treatment, originally developed by Juicy Beast and ported to iOS by Ravenous Games, of League of Evil fame.

Burrito Bison is a brilliant and zany launching game. The idea is to get as far as you can, earn money, buy upgrades, and get farther, eventually winning. Winning in this case means escaping your captors. You are the titular hero, a mere bull-mask wearing wrestler who is sucked into Candyland while grocery shopping one day. Now you have to escape by launching yourself off the ring-ropes, often bouncing off your wrestling opponent, Jaw-Breaker! As you bounce on frightened gummy bears, you take some of their dough. Eventually, if you still have enough forward momentum, you’ll slam through the arena gates and reach the outside world and beyond.

You’ll see all sorts of unique power-ups and boosts as you play, from becoming encapsulated by a chewing gum bubble, to riding rockets, pogo-sticks, and hand-gliders, to your regular run of the mill power-ups, like chili peppers that let you slam infinitely for a short time. Your slam move acts as a quick way to ground yourself on a power-up, or slightly extend your run by not losing speed when you hit the ground. You’ll have to avoid Police to the best of your ability too, as they greatly decrease your speed.

The only issue lies with the simplicity of this game, and really this whole genre. It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, as it’s quite repetitive and can feel pointless. But that’s kind of the point, ironically. It’s a pointless diversion. A time killer. This game is colorful, wild, and unique. The premise is fun on its own, but the balancing of your progress is really well done. There’s a reason this game was featured on Kongregate and Adult Swim, among various other sites. Also, the music is just plain epic. For only one dollar at the time of this review, this iOS Universal game is great fun on the go.

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