iPhone App Video Review: Burger Cat

Apr 26, 2012

Burger Cat is the latest title from Ravenous Games, and their follow up to the excellent platforming series League of Evil. Ravenous has taken things in a new direction, and rather than give us some kind of platformer, we’ve been given a cute puzzler featuring burgers and, well, cats. The game looks and sounds great, but a myriad of control issues and a lack of difficult puzzles really make this an average title.

After adding some nitroglycerin to his burgers at a barbecue, things go boom and the burgers are scattered all over the place, and it’s up to you to help the silly kitty get his burgers back. You do this by placing tiles of earth or taking them away, while also using springs, mouse toys, umbrellas, dog bones, dynamite, and more to help him avoid danger and hazards. The puzzles themselves are really quite easy, without many real brain busters thrown into the mix. Despite that, the puzzles are still very challenging for entirely different reasons; namely, the controls.

Due to the large number of tiles on the screen, it’s very easy to misplace a tile. This would be fine, but there is no way to simply remove it or undo your moves. Every time you screw up, you’ll have to restart the entire level, and this will likely happen often. It’s especially frustrating later on, when more puzzles ask you to build and place objects while the cat is already moving. Even if all of the pre-level set up you did was done perfectly, you’re going to have to do it again. This game desperately needs an undo button, or the ability to toggle a visible grid, possibly highlighting the space you currently have selected while placing or something. It’s so frustrating to have a puzzle solved in your mind, yet to fail it again and again due to controls.

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The aesthetics are bright and colorful, and of the same style and quality of League of Evil 2, albeit with less on screen and a lower use of dark colors. Everything is cheerful and whimsical. I really wanted to like this game, as I love the League of Evil games, but this recent offering leaves a lot to be desired. Burger Cat is iOS Universal, features Game Center achievements, and available for one dollar at the time of this review. It’s not a bad game by any means, and probably a good choice for kids. If you really love puzzle games or just want to support the developer, you might still want to get this one, but I would wait for an update or two first.

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