iPhone App Video Review: Bumpy Road

May 20, 2011

Bumpy Road is a new game full of interesting mechanics, amazing art, and a surprisingly heartwarming story. The game is truly unlike any other out there, and is definitely worth looking into. In the game, you play as a couple going for a drive. The bumpiness of this road comes from the gameplay.

You touch the screen to raise the road around your finger, or tap underneath the couple themselves to make them jump. Using this interesting movement mechanic, you guide the couple through the game, avoiding pits of water and collecting gizmos and photographs. The photographs unlock the games story in slide show format, which is actually very touching.

There are two modes of play. Evergreen Ride is a survival game type. You must avoid hazards and collect gizmos for fuel. If you ever fill your tank completely, you go into little bonus zones. The second mode, Sunday Trip, is a time trial game in which you have to get to the goal as fast as you can, collecting gizmos for speed, hitting boosts, and collecting clocks to decrease your time. So did you guys notice that in Sunday Trip, you are driving as the woman? In a mode where the goal is drive and quickly and as crazy as possible? I wonder what the developers were trying to say there…

Anyway, the art style of the game is completely unique and original, and the music… Oh my the music. I dare you to get that tune out of your head. I dare you! If you listen closely, even the gizmos you collect are playing that tune. I will be whistling it for days. The game isn’t totally perfect though. The controls of the car are really difficult to learn, and despite being a great game, not a lot is being offered for the $3 price tag. I know it’s still only three bucks, but I’ve seen $1 apps that offer a lot more content. After 2 hours I had all but one achievement in both modes.

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The game is great overall, and has a wonderful story. You can’t really put a price on originality like this. The symbolism of a relationship as well as life itself being represented by a bumpy road is obvious, but if you stick with the ones you love, you’ll make it fine. I don’t know about all of you, but all my best relationship memories are simple times that I spent on the road, just driving, destination be damned. Check this game out.

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