iPhone App Video Review: Blobster

Jul 20, 2011

Blobster is a new platformer developed by Divine Robot and published by Chillingo. It combines colorful 2D art with solid physics and controls to create a fun game with an environmentally conscious message.

The premise is that you are Blobster, a blob creature from Blobtopia trying to save the blob-filled world from the evil Blobzilla, who is the greedy corporate owner of the Big and Powerful Company. There are blob things to collect and blob places to go and I honestly can’t keep all the blob names straight, so if I get any wrong… well, I don’t care. You set off to save the world from this company.

You control Blobster by tapping either side of the screen to move him left and right. To jump, you tap and drag him in the opposite direction of your jump. Just think Angry Birds slingshot controls. There is a tilt control option for your left and right movement as well. As you go through the levels, you are graded on time and on the amount of blob things you pick up. The collectibles are the only things that affect your completion percentage. High completion percentages unlock bonus stages and eventually the bonus game mode.

Each level is pretty straight forward. You collect red blob pieces to grow in size, which allows you to jump much higher. There are a ton of power ups like: a rocket jump power-up, a shield that protects you from enemies, and an inflatable tube that allows you to go into the water. The water sections flip things around on you, making you have to jump downward as you are always floating up. The environment is full of great mechanics, from springs to catapults to Mario-like pipes to conveyor belts and gears. Each level really mixes things up for you, which is both a blessing and a curse. Each level feels unique, but there aren’t many repeats of many of the fun mechanics. The physics of the movement felt a little bit floaty at times, but for the most part they were solid, and the animation of your character is great. Most levels take anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes to complete, unless you keep dying like I do when I go for 100% completion. The bonus stages are tons of fun though.

This game is not without its flaws. The sound design is lacking here. I usually listen to music when I play games, so it wasn’t until I could only hear the game that I realized just how annoying Blobster’s noises are. There is no music in the game, and it can feel very lifeless at times. It was both endearing and infuriating when I set my iPhone down to take some notes, and Blobster started clearing his throat impatiently to get my attention. This is a well-made platformer, and most people will probably enjoy it quite a bit. It really wasn’t my cup of tea though, and I got tired of the game very quickly. Like any Chillingo game, there is Crystal support, and like Feed Me Oil, you have to gift the game to people to unlock everything, which is just irritating. Blobster costs one dollar. Check it out.

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Andrew Koziara

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