iPhone App Video Review: BirdTunes

Apr 4, 2011

BirdTunes is an app created by developer Lang Elliott. The app is a collection of North American bird songs and calls from some of the most well-known recordists in the field. The app boasts a collection of over 2,400 tracks for 674 species of birds. If you are a bird lover, this app is the jackpot.

Each bird featured has not only its song available, but an entire repertoire of sounds and calls. Users will have access to the various birds categorized by group or by name. Tapping on a specific bird will bring up the list of songs and calls available for the bird.

Once a call is tapped, the waveform will appear at the top and the sound will play. Each recording was available in high fidelity. Tapping on the thumbnail will bring up the picture for the selected bird. If a user finds a specific bird interesting, they can save it to their favorites tab for quick viewing.

One feature that was sadly missing was the ability to sort by region. This would have been nice to find birds native to my state.

Overall, the app is amazing for bird enthusiasts and is definitely a great addition to any collection. It’s only available for the iPhone and the price will definitely keep casual watchers away. But anyone serious about birds will find this app to be well-worth the asking price. Check it out.

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