iPhone App Video Review: Avengers Initiative

Sep 22, 2012

After Marvel’s massively successful crossover film spectacular The Avengers, which could be called their other “Avengers Initiative,” they’re trying the same thing with the video game world. Avengers Initiative is the first of four rumored games, each starring a different member of the four main Avengers, also sharing the same universe. We’ve already had a Captain America and Thor game, but I get the feeling these new ones will be even better. The best part of this game though? It’s Infinity Blade: Hulk Edition. I don’t just mean the gameplay is similar. It’s a near identical copy.

The game shares the same plot as the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon show on Disney XD, and yes, I do indeed watch the show. All of the super villain prisons have had a big breakout, and now it’s up to you and the other avengers to split up and bring them to justice. Or in this case, to pummel the ever loving out of them with your massive green fists. I’m not going to lie. The Infinity Blade gameplay really suits the Hulkster well, though it is kind of absurd that he’d be as weak as he is against the higher level opponents if you’re following the comic book logic. You swipe to punch in various directions, performing combos, while also blocking and sidestepping. You’ll eventually fill up your rage meter and get to unleash a power attack, much like the magic system of Infinity Blade.

The way you traverse the world is also the same, with the same kind of interface system with branching paths, and even the same camera angles. Your currency in this game is called ISO-8, and it’s used to unlock all sorts of things, from rage attacks to awesome comic based costumes that mix up your stats. You also get to equip augments, much like the gems of Infinity Blade. Yes, this game does shamelessly rip off Infinity Blade to the point of laughing out loud, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a well done rip-off. The controls aren’t quite as smooth as they could be though. Fighting old foes like Wendigo, Zax, and of course Abomination is simply a blast as a comic fan, and a lot of effort went into this title. I definitely recommend it. Avengers Initiative is iOS Universal and available for seven dollars at the time of this review. Hulk Smash.

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