iPhone App Video Review: Army of Darkness Defense

May 18, 2011

Finally, an iOS game based on one of the most beloved cult classic movies of all time is here. I give you Army of Darkness Defense, a castle defense game set in the wonderful world of Army of Darkness.If you are unfamiliar with the Evil Dead trilogy of movies, you really ought to be ashamed.

Through the movies, we follow one of the greatest anti-heroes ever conceived, Ashley J Williams, or “Ash” for short, played by the legendary Bruce Campbell. You get to play as him in a game, and it’s a great tribute to the movies. The game is overflowing with sound-bites from the movie as well as general references. Backflip Studios are clearly fans of this film.

To go along with all the Army of Darkness fun is a surprisingly solid castle defense game. Your goal in the game is to stop the evil Deadites from getting their hands on the Necronomicon by summoning troops. This game is unlike most castle defense games, in that you control Ash directly, moving him left and right. He auto-attacks enemies in range of his boom stick, and will melee enemies with his iron fist (and eventually his chainsaw) if they get too close. He can also use two special abilities with cool downs. During a wave, your smithy will create iron, which you use to summon troops. Leveling up your smithy makes him produce iron faster.

The game is also full of RPG elements. In-between waves, you can use money that you’ve gathered to upgrade Ash and his abilities, as well as the various units that you will be summoning and stationary castle defenses. Something I learned is that you should focus your upgrades on the troops and castle defenses, because if you waste a lot of money on Ash’s several abilities, of which you can only use two at a time anyway, the later levels can be hellishly difficult. Of course, if you’re feeling particularly lazy and rich, you can just buy coins for real money within the game, and upgrade everything to the max.

If you are a fan of this movie, then definitely pick this app up. You will not be disappointed. Even if you aren’t a fan of the movie, the game is fun and full of humor. For only a dollar, you definitely shouldn’t pass this one up.

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Andrew Koziara

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