iPhone App Video Review: Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips

Jun 17, 2011

Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips is the next entry in the Airport Mania series, brought to us by Lemon Games. It takes the same basic game play and whimsical art style of its predecessors but improves upon them greatly, adding a lot of variety and fun to the mix.

If you’ve never seen this game before, your first thought might be that it’s a rip off of Flight Control, but it really is a game all on its own. Rather than control the actual movement patterns of the planes, you simply have to direct them to various parts of the airport, from landing to the loading docks to repair hangars and refueling stations, and finally to take off. The movement is all taken care of for you. You can even cue several movements for each plane ahead of time so that you can focus on the new arrivals. The trick is running the airport so that all the planes leave on time. If a plane is waiting for service too long, it will get angry and leave causing your score to take a big hit.

The idea of sentient angry planes in real life is kind of terrifying now that I think about it. As you complete levels you make money to buy improvements for your airport, such as improved loading docks and V.I.P layover spots, and all help you achieve that perfect score. It’s actually really easy to have every plane in a level leave early, let alone on time. Why can’t they be that efficient at O’Hare? I should apply to run the place using my scores in this game as my official credentials.

The game improves on its predecessor in many ways. The general art style and user interface feel much more cohesive, and everything seems to match the cartoony planes. The stages are varied and hilarious, from tropical islands to the North Pole, and even to the moon! Getting that 4 star perfect rating is something that you really have to work for, and reworking your strategies for each level shows how much depth there actually is. This great sequel will only cost you a dollar, so go ahead and pick it up.

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