iPhone App Video Review: 6th Planet

Mar 18, 2011

Finding an original game in the App Store nowadays can be quite the challenge. The creators of 6th Planet have set out to fix this dilemma by attempting to blend two different styles of entertainment into one app. The app is essentially the combination of a graphic novel and a retro-style arcade game.

Players will be introduced to a story involving astronauts and strange occurrences and then be challenged to complete a set of small arcade levels. The concept has been done before and honestly I don’t think much has changed. The art in the game is pretty awesome and the graphics are crystal clear.

Someone could easily play this game for the storyline, but the part that’s going to annoy the player most is the gameplay itself. It’s essentially a collection of small retro arcade challenges where you need to guide a ship in from space to a platform somewhere on the map. While these small snippets of gameplay can be challenging at times, it grew old very quickly.

Overall, the idea was a great one and the app can definitely stand on its own as an awesome piece of artwork. But as far as the game component goes, this is one I’d recommend passing.

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