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Jan 30, 2012

I’m making this list to give people an idea about what kinds of apps I like and what i’m into.

Quick Password Manager

It’s a great app for storing all my passwords in an encrypted state. And since i always have my phone with me it’s always available for me to use when i need it. It’s a great app!



Gotta have my FB fix. It’s really come along way since the first version. Plus it’s more important now to me since i’m really into social bookmarking and connecting with others.



Pretty much same as the Facebook app. I’ve really gotten into twitter in the last few months and i’m hooked! Love it.



The wordpress app is awesome! I love the fact that I can connect to my site, make a change, upload something, or just site and approve or disapprove comments while sitting on the couch. Very convenient.


Square Register – Point of Sale (POS) for iPhone and iPad

I’m a part time DJ. This app has made me money. The fact that i can take credit cards right from my iPhone has proved several times to sell the customer on my service. They see someone who not only has any payment form available but they see me using the latest technology.


Order & Chaos Online

Before I became a Dad and got so busy i was a WoW addict. Since i can’t play wow anymore due to time constraints I kind of miss it. But Order and Chaos is the next best thing. It’s almost like WoW on my iPhone. Great graphics, similar quests, and fun.

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Death Rally

Fun top down racing app. Tons of levels and even a story line that’s somewhat cheesy but it’s all good.


Angry Birds

Best game of the year 2011. I was an Angry Birds addict for months. And whoever markets that game also a genius!!!


Plants vs. Zombies

Another great tower defense type game. Tons of fun, great graphics, hillarious sound effects.



This is the best port of an old school arcade game I’ve ever seen. They have the sounds right and even the cheat codes with big heads and stuff. I was waiting for a joystick to pop out of my phone at one point it was so real.


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