iPhone 8 and iPhone X: What We Know

Sep 13, 2017

With the release of the latest iPhone just around the corner, many rumors and speculations have risen surroundings its name, specifications, and design. While some of the information that will be explored in this article is still available online, other details may be taken down either by Apple or the poster. For example, Apple had unveiled the Gold Master version of the OS online and then took it down after a few hours once people began installing it.

One of the biggest surprises to come from the upcoming release is the naming convention of the phone. While an iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are typical of the traditional naming convention, the iPhone X stands out and is expected to be somewhere in between the 8 and 8 Plus in terms of size. While the name is not 100% confirmed, it was found in the source code for the Gold Master OS that was then leaked on Twitter.

With an expected larger screen that will span to nearly the bezels, the top edge of the screen is likely to be divided where the speaker for phone calls is located. This means that on the left side of the phone speaker will be where the time is while the right side will be where the network indicator and battery life status is. Another significant screen change is that the traditional home button will be replaced by gesture controls so that the screen can take up a larger portion of the device. Through these gesture controls, the button is gone to include a simple bar at the bottom that gives more access to the apps and settings. However, without the home button, those who use the phone will have to adapt to the lack of familiarity that has been common with previous iPhones in terms of access to a home button.

iPhone X – Introducing iPhone X – Apple

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Another significant change that is coming is the multiuse function of the power button that replicates many of the tasks that were previously carried out by home button. For example, depending on the number of clicks to the power button, users will be able to access Apple Pay, Siri, and the traditional power options. With mixed reactions coming from the previous release where there were no earphone ports to the iPhone, the iPhone 8 and X will also not include earphone ports but instead offer the Ear Pods which are wireless.

Moving from Touch ID that uses the fingerprint to identify the user and unlock the phone, the latest iPhones will also include FaceID so that all a user has to do is have the front-facing camera towards their face so that the phone can recognize them and unlock itself. Although this feature will be new to the iPhone family, it is something that has already been introduced in various Android phones and does not come as a surprise to many. In terms of hardware, the iPhone is said to house Gorilla Glass 5, the industry standard for quality screens that is highly resistant to scratches and damages. This means that the phone will be able to withstand more damage than older versions without compromise to the look and feel of traditional iPhones.

With all of these announcements leaked prior to its launch in the near future, it is difficult to assume that there will be any significant surprises that will be released during the official launch. While some of the changes are expected such as the Ear Pods and increased controls, many of the updates are new when compared to the releases of previous iPhones, indicating that Apple is making a larger push towards innovation than before.

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