iPad Note-Taking Apps for Managers and Executives

May 8, 2010

I’ve been testing every note-taking app I can find and this list represents the bunch worthy of consideration.

There are a number of apps that didn’t make the cut, but some that are getting bug fixes, etc., are on the bubble and may me added or displace others on the list.

You’ll also find some additional in-depth discussion at iPadCTO.com.


The most comprehensive feature set, programmable palm rest area. $



The smoothest drawing experience. $$


SketchBook Pro for iPad

The most comprehensive artistic capabilities. $$$



The best idea envisioning features. $$


WritePad Pro

The only one with handwriting recognition. $$$


SketchPad HD

The simplest form and function. $


PaperDesk Note Taking

Whiteboard-to-VGA presentation mode. $


iNapkin 2

Simple, no frills, effective in brainstorming sessions. $$



Ideal for sketching story-boarding processes. $$


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