iPad Magazine Apps Part 1

Apr 22, 2010

We are starting to see some interesting experimentation from magazine and newspaper publishers as title specific apps roll out for the iPad. While there is some innovation too many publishers are still focused on a digital print replica enhanced with some multi-media rather than developing a UI and UX specifically for the iPad. Others are making a big mistake with the pricing of their product – making an iPad subscription actually more expensive that the print subscription offers. Here are 10 iPad apps from magazine and newspaper companies worth considering.

Zinio – The World’s Magazine Newsstand

Zinio is leading the industry with its unity platform and with the Viv product showing the capabilities of the platform. Now it’s up to publishers to create compelling content


Popular Science: The Latest News and Features on the People, Technologies, and Gadgets Shaping the Future

They go a little overboard with some of the UI but the experimentation is to be commended. At $4.99 the issue price is high


Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List

Really nice design – already an essential addition to the kitchen. Free


TIME April 12, 2010

Nice execution but too expensive at $4.99. Single issues need to be priced less and a subscription offered. Personally, I don’t want to have to have every issue as an App.


GQ Magazine

I actually wanted to add EW’s The Must List but it’s not currently showing up. EW has produced a great visual UI for celebrity content. GQ has basically put up a boring pdf digital replica


Bloomberg for iPad

Great content and nicely designed for the iPad. They are getting my viewership as I’m completely ticked off at the WSJ for not offering a discount to their current online digital subscribers


Reuters News Pro for iPad

Great content and presentation – nice integration of video


BBC News

Design and content make this an essential news app


The Guardian Eyewitness

Great photo of the day. Why does National Geographic not do something similar ? (The Nat Geo World Atlas is excellent)


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