iPad Learning apps

Apr 10, 2013

The following list highlights app that were researched, reviewed and installed on iPad at our International School as part of the bmsiPadProject

Evernote – capture notes and sync across all devices. Stay organized.

development of digital portfolio for reflection


Puppet Pals HD Director’s Pass

Creative story telling


SoundCloud – Music & Audio

Recording learning through audio



speaks for itself


Book Creator for iPad – create and publish ebooks, pdfs and comics

Creative literacy


Cut the Rope Original HD

Problem Solving


Doodle Buddy – Paint, Draw, Scribble, Sketch – It’s Addictive!

Creation & visible thinking


Explain Everything™ Classic

Screen cast learning- superb collaborative alternative to Interactive Whiteboard


Brushes 3

Excellent drawing and painting app showcased by the wonderful David Hockney



Social networking tool for professional development and recreating real time historical events


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