iPad Instrument Collection

May 20, 2010

It was unlikely I was ever gonna have an air harp just lying around my living room. A piano? Maybe, but until I get a real one in my small urban space, at least I can practice.

Air Harp

Pluck away at an air harp, following the notes to play “Freres Jacques” or “You Are My Sunshine.”


Magic Piano HD

One of the showcase instrument apps by Smule. Saw a YouTube video of this being played by a member of SF Philharmonic. You can play a duet with someone else in a different location, or the neat world feature lets you listen to Magic Piano players around the planet.


Pianist Pro

Wonderfully implemented piano that lets you compose your own songs or learn by watching a song play.


Virtuoso Piano Free 2 HD

Barebones compared to Pianist Pro, though I haven’t yet tried the for pay version. Simple piano that lets you easily slide to lower or higher octaves.



Had to try out an African drum on the iPad. This is a case where the iPad implementation of the instrument should be way better than the iPhone version so I was excited to try. However, the UI was confusing to me, and I would have liked some drumming instruction. This left me aching to pick up a real drum with a goatskin head, carved from lenge wood.


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