iPad in the Cloud: The Best Apps For Off-pad Work & Storage

May 8, 2010

It’s still early – not many apps have emerged that leverage “the cloud”, and some aren’t even native apps. But if you’re interested in expanding that 16GB on-pad storage, this list is a good start.

Unfortunately I could not add Office2 HD – some sort of problem with the superscript in their product name. iPad users are looking to the iPad for more than content consumption; they want to be as productive as possibe with it. This app not only links iPad with your Google Docs account, but allows you to edit documents and spreadsheets in the cloud.


While this app is useful for all iPad users, managers and executives will find it a core necessity especially for workers who are always changing device context – iPad, iPhone, Desktop, Notebook. The new iPad version is easy-to-use and highly productive and acts as a universal briefcase. Ironically, with DropBox, the briefcase is inside the iPad, not the other way around. To some degree, Box.net and DropBox overlap functionality but that’s only if you use them for the same purpose. I recommend using DropBox for documents in progress and resources that you need to perform tasks. Box.net is the app (and service) that I recommend for curating, publishing, and distributing the results of your work. $


Box for iPhone and iPad

This is an ideal app for curating, organizing, and sharing everything you write or documents that your team produces. This is the most productive method for dealing with papers, reports and other document artifacts that help you do your job. It provides public and secure folders and many social networking features that allow you to push your content out to colleagues, partners, and customers. $



This app starts with the premise that you need a cloud backup solution and sharing files across your various computing devices is also a benefit. While the features are sparse, the simplicity may be appealing to some users. $



This app requires a Pogoplug device which is a little Linux box the size of your fist. It’s on this list because it allows you to plug in one (or more) USB drives to create a unified cloud storage facility right on your router. With a few USB drives that are presently collecting dust, you can create a multi-terabyte cloud storage array for about a hundred bucks. It’s also considered “green IT” because it allows you to recycle USB drives and transform them into network drives.

READ  Seriously? I downloaded it because I couldn't believe it.


S3 Cloud

This is a nice user interface for accessing and managing your Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Services). The only drawback – it’s available in iPhone format. Hopefully, a temporary constraint. $$


Cloud Services Manager

This is truly an Amazon cloud services management app. If you use a variety of Amazon cloud services, this app (available in iPhone format) is an ideal addition to your iPad or iPhone. $$


GoDocs for Google Drive & Google Docs

Great for accessing your documents in the cloud. If you need round-trip editing also, look at Office2 HD.


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