iPad Games That Benefit from a Larger Screen

Mar 29, 2010

These games rock on the iPad’s 9.7 inch multi-touch screen.

Harbor Master HD

The HD version of this line-drawing game is even more challenging on a larger screen. Based on the screenshot I’ve seen, Harbor Master HD comes with larger levels, thus increasing the possibility of ship collisions.


Fieldrunners for iPad

Still one of if not the best tower defense game around, Fieldrunners on the iPad adds more complexity to the game’s strategy. With bigger levels (hopefully) players would have to be much smarter about tower placement. Also, the game’s crisp graphics give it a boost in quality.


The Deep Pinball

Pinball on the iPad is phenomenal. This game was a lot of fun on the iPhone, but the small screen didn’t allow for much pinball wizardry. A larger screen means an experience closer to the real deal.


Real Racing HD

This game is amazing on the iPad. Having a device roughly the size of a steering wheel reduces the turn sensitivity. Quite frankly, the iPad improves this already stellar title’s gameplay.


Plants vs. Zombies HD

I love this game. It’s fun, challenging, and the cartoon graphics are beautiful. In this game the weapons (plants) and invaders (zombies) are hilarious and well-designed.


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