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Jul 12, 2010

My favorite games for traveling Long distances addicting and keep you playing forever.

Minigore HD

This game is amazing!!!!!I can stop playing?This is the one app on my Ipad I could only play. I’ve been playing for at least two days and still have not got all the characters. I try not to itch my bug bites I’m so into this game


Parking Mania HD

Wow! Can their be a better parking game!The larger screen makes it a lot more fun to control the cars and try and get them into their parking spots. With many many Levels you are playing for hours and hours.


Doodle God™

This game is not in HD yet but their is no need. This game is so addicting that I played it for two days sriaght just to beat the game. This is a defiant buy wether on the iPod touch, iPhone or iPad.


Tap Tap Radiation

This is another tap tap game. I am recommend this game because right know it is free it is a good game but their are some down falls like their is no multiplayer but this is a great game to show off to your friends how great the device really is.


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