iPad Apps to Demo for First Graders

May 11, 2010

I was recently asked to demo an iPad in a first grade class. Here is the list of apps I showed off. Would love suggestions for others that would be good.

The Elements by Theodore Gray

This is the best show-off app for K-12 education I’ve seen so far. Choose an element (I’ll ask the class if they can think of one) and then see real-world objects made of that element, that you can spin around in 3D. Hope to instill a love of science!


Pianist Pro

This is a great app to show the class a fantastic implementation of a musical instrument on the iPad. They can watch songs being played or record their own. Also thinking kids would like to create some beats using one of the DJ apps…



Of course I’ll show the kids Winnie the Pooh that came with iBooks. Very sweet.



Kids may not like Food, Inc. or Helvetica which I just watched. Hmmm…there’s Scooby Doo, or Wall-E, or…maybe I should try Food, Inc.



This note-taking app where you can write with your finger will appeal to first graders!


Alice for the iPad-Lite

Alice in Wonderland where you can swing the stopwatch back and forth, watch a box of comfits scatter round, see little cakes float around the page.


Bigger Words

I will ask the class – how do you spell “apple” — and then spell it out for them in BIG letters that the whole class will be able to see.


Brushes – iPad Edition

As a grand finale, I’ll let class members come up and contribute to a class drawing on Brushes – which I can then email them or print out. Nice way to give each kid a turn on the iPad.

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