iPad Apps for the Bartender

Apr 23, 2010

I’ve already raved about the iPad in the kitchen for recipes, now onto my other favorite part of the meal: drinks! Here are some apps that are perfect for when you’re behind the bar. Don’t spill!

Bartender Challenge

Silly? Definitely. But if you’re trying to remember what belongs in that Cherry Bomb or a Kamikaze, this is the game for you. Test your memory (and your knowledge) with this easy game.


Cocktails HD

This is my go-to app for making drinks. It literally has ANY cocktail you can imagine, with easy to follow instructions, completely devoid of bartender-speak, plus great photos of garnishes and types of ice. You can even search by categories like “martinis” or “creamy” so if you know the sort of drink you want, but aren’t sure exactly what you’d like, you can be inspired. I love this app!


Gametender iPad Edition

So, you’ve had some drinks but the party is dying? Use this app to remember the rules for Kings Cup or learn a new game involving any sort of media: card, coin, dice, TV, or verbal games. Perfect for your next party!


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