iPad App Video Review: You Don’t Know Jack HD

Apr 15, 2011

You Don’t Know Jack HD is an app created by the developer JellyVision Games. The series has been around for quite a while and by no; it would truly surprise me if you haven’t at least heard of the games. The game is essentially a trivia app where you will answer questions and receive points for your accurate answers.

But this app isn’t just your average trivia game. You Don’t Know Jack is renown for its witty and sometimes pushing-the-line humor. The game serves even more as a great form of entertainment as the announcer has a comeback for every single choice you make in the game.

The game comes with 20 different “episodes” to play through with more promised in the future. The questions are pretty straight-forward but what makes it fun is in the way they are presented. Everything has a joke behind it and everything is well-thought-out.

Overall, the app is staying true to its signature style and it definitely does a great job. The app is available for cheap in the App Store and there is a free version to try out as well. I definitely recommend this one.

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Erik Fikkert

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