iPad App Video Review: We Thieves HD

Feb 21, 2011

Yet another physics puzzle game has made its way into the App Store and there is no end in sight. This time around you will be attempting to free various creatures from prison by using elaborate contraptions. We Thieves HD is played on a time limit with your points going down the longer it takes to solve the puzzle.

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The way you solve the puzzles is by deleting objects and getting the critter to the door. Deleting one object can set off a chain reaction of events that eventually lead him to freedom.

The game, like all of its type, starts off pretty simple with easy puzzles and a slow introduction to the different gameplay elements. But soon you will be trying to free multiple prisoners all while trying to keep them alive and it can definitely get complicated.

Overall, I don’t see this game as topping the charts very soon but it definitely was a fun one to play through. It was pretty challenging and had a great feel to it. For a cheap price, it might be worth it. Check it out.

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Erik Fikkert

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