iPad App Video Review: Tiny Wings HD

Jul 13, 2012

Over one year ago, a developer named Andreas Illiger released his simple game, and to his and everyone’s surprise, it became a smash, chart-topping mega hit. That game was Tiny Wings, and now that game gets its first major update bringing with it new modes and features. Along with that update comes the brand new Tiny Wings HD, which comes with all of the new features of the update, as well as some extra iPad specific stuff. It’s not technically a sequel, but it’s just as good as one!

The original, charming, casual title is still completely here, as you help the small winged bird get as far as he can each day. You do this by touching the screen to pull your wings in, making you more aerodynamic, opening your wings at the bottom of hills for big speed boosts. This original mode alone was incredibly fun and addicting, but now, we’ve got a secondary mode called Flight School. In it, you choose between four new birds and race them all back to your nests and mother, who is waiting with fish for the fastest chicks. The bird who comes in last gets a tiny fish, because she’s just neglectful like that. Coming in first place is quite challenging, requiring a lot of planning and map memorization. I had to actively try to come in last, so at least the other birds are varied in their speeds.

All of that can be found on the iPhone update, along with new achievements and leaderboards on Game Center and OpenFeint. However, if you want the extra high definition graphics and same device multiplayer in a mode called Hill Party, you’ll have to grab this iPad version. Just having an excuse to come back to this extremely unique and charming game is enough to make me happy. The new modes add some extra twists, like flat surfaces, pools of water, and bouncy flowers, but it all still feels like Tiny Wings. Tiny Wings HD is currently available for three dollars, and is definitely worth it if you’re interested in the multiplayer. Either way, if you have yet to get this game, there’s no time like the present.

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