iPad App Video Review: Spotify

May 4, 2012

The long running and mostly popular music streaming service Spotify has finally gone iOS Universal with its recent major update, so here we are with a review of the app from the iPad perspective. Spotify is a pretty decent service, similar to the likes of Rdio, providing a massive library of music and making it all available to you. For a nominal fee, of course. The app itself, however, could definitely use some work. It has a solid layout and interface, but there are a few wonky features and the entire app seems to have been in the path of a firing squad shooting bugs and glitches.

The first notable thing that some people will take issue with is that Facebook is required to access the app and create an account. Regardless of your feelings on that, the process itself is a real pain. It can freeze while an account is being created, and the Facebook page I was taken to was not even in the right language. Once you have your account ready to go, the app really opens up. You can search from a library of millions of songs, at least as good as the iTunes library, or you can look at what’s new and hot and hip and fresh, or whatever.

Songs can easily be favorited, added to various playlists, or shared with Facebook, Twitter, or specific Spotify users. In fact, entire playlists can be shared or just published publicly for other people to enjoy, and you can enjoy their playlists as well. Unfortunately, a lot of the organizing and editing of playlists is a real hassle. You can only delete single songs one by one, and can’t even rearrange their order as far as I can tell. Some extra options for such tasks would be appreciated. There are also issues people run into while syncing the app with its Mac or PC counterpart. The app isn’t too bad with all of that stuff, but it does have tons of other issues. It might work perfectly for ten minutes, but then for the next ten it’ll fail to load pages, slow down, have songs skip, freeze, and maybe even crash, which all happened to me more than once. When the app works, it’s great, but it really needs better stability.

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You only get a 48 hour trial of the service after creating your account, and the app is at least nice enough to tell you how much time is left at all times right at the top of the screen. After that, it’ll cost you ten dollars a month. I don’t know if you’ll find the service worthwhile, but the app itself is pretty nifty whenever it’s actually functional. As a free app with a free two day trial, I’ll recommend people try it out.

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