iPad App Video Review: Planetary

May 23, 2011

Planetary is a gorgeous new app that lets you blow up your music library to galactic proportions just for the fun of it. It’s a fun and inventive way to browse your music, and while it might take a little longer to find the song you’re looking for, it makes music browsing feel more like a game.

What the app does is transform your music library, so that artists become stars, albums become planets, and songs become moons orbiting said planets. This app definitely makes browsing your music library more interesting. The layout is very intuitive and there is a helpful little ‘help’ button to remind you of all the apps functions in case you ever forget. You can turn off orbital rings or titles to make the exploring more adventurous. I don’t usually listen to music from my iPad, but I threw some of my recent favorites on for the sake of this review.

There isn’t really that much more to be said about Planetary. It’s probably easier to find your music the old fashioned way, but it’s just so much cooler when using this app. It’s gorgeous just to look at, and makes music listening much more enjoyable by throwing in a visual aspect. Whether you’re listening to the Bulletstorm Soundtrack, OverClocked Remix, or Daft Punk, this app is out of this world. Oh yeah, and it’s totally free. Definitely give this one a download, at least to mess around with it for a little while. Check it out.

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Andrew Koziara

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