iPad App Video Review: Perfect Cell

Apr 8, 2011

Perfect Cell is an app created by the developer Mobigame. The app is an escape game where the player will attempt to play through a variety of levels without being caught. You play as a science experiment gone wrong. You can fly and you can fight but most of all you are super smart. You are the perfect cell.

The game is controlled by touching in the direction where you want the cell to move. Double-tapping or drawing a line will make the creature dash and attack anything in its path. The game is made up of a large selection of levels each with a complex puzzle made up of switches, elevators, secret corridors, and soldiers.

The game gives you the option to play through without killing a single person or to go ballistic and destroy everything in your path. The graphics in the game felt a little old school though the detail was pretty amazing. The sounds in the game were perfect for the setting and rarely did anything feel out of place.

The game was available for both the iPad and iPhone on a single purchase with a lite version out there to try. It was definitely a lot of fun and a unique concept to play through. Definitely check it out.

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Erik Fikkert

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