iPad App Video Review: GeoSpin HD

Mar 27, 2011

GeoSpin HD by Lazrhog Games is a 3D Puzzle game with colorful graphics and smooth gameplay. The object of the game is to match the different colored shapes to their corresponding spot on the polyhedron. To do this, the player needs to touch and drag the 3D shape around and then drag a piece from the side to its slot.

The concept is pretty easy but the game modes make this a challenge. There is the Time Attack mode where the player is challenged to set the best completion time possible for each puzzle and there is the Score Attack mode where the player must finish each puzzle before the clock runs out. In this mode, players will get bonus time for matching a color order or piece order designated at the beginning of the round.

The sound effects and the music were great in the game but some players may find the music to be too much to handle and opt to disable it.

Overall, aside from the lack of GameCenter support, there weren’t too many things to dislike about this game. It was available for very cheap and comes in both an iPad and iPhone version with a free iPhone version available as well. It’s definitely worth the purchase. Check it out.

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