iPad App Video Review: GarageBand

Mar 14, 2011

Music apps have definitely seen their share of App Store glory, whether it be in the form of a rhythm game or an app that emulates an instrument. Even though there have been plenty of apps that let you compose music, none have achieved the status that the recently released GarageBand app for iPad has reached.

Apple’s freshest app creation comes with a lot of great features. The new app offers any music artist the tools they need to make a masterpiece. Users can pick from the extremely large collection of instruments and use the pressure sensitive feature to tap out expressive melodies.

If you don’t know how to strum a guitar, let the app strum for you as you pick which chord you want it to play. The app also comes with a complete song-building experience that let’s you put all the performances into one song that can be exported to GarageBand on your computer or to iTunes.

If you like making music or just want a nice collection of instruments to mess around with, this app is an instant-buy. Check it out, it is a steal for the price.

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Erik Fikkert

With a heart for technology and its synergy with daily life, Erik has been involved in many different areas of media. He has composed music for film, designed branding for local companies and currently enjoys spending his days playing with iPhone apps and keeping up with the latest tech news.

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