iPad App Video Review: Flipboard

Aug 3, 2010

Turn your iPad into a digital magazine full of content that you choose. Flipboard brings a magazine-like interface to your content. Browse photos, status updates, and interesting articles from many different websites. Create and enjoy your own personal magazine with this app.

With the release of the iPad, one idea came to a lot of user’s heads all at once: This thing would make an awesome eReader for Magazines. There were many of us that secretly wished major magazines would explore new ways to show their content. We’d seen demos of magazines and then finally, a few released their visions to the world.

While these magazines are awesome and definitely the future of how we consume content, Flipboard has taken this concept to a new level. The app itself acts more like an Feed Reader by taking different blogs and sites and organizing them for you. But perhaps the most interesting feature of the app is how it allows you to interact with your content. Users can add their Facebook and Twitter accounts to the app which will then automatically add pictures and status updates to your eMagazine. Flipping through the pages, it’s really easy to see how this magazine-like layout helps to bring casual consumption of your social media sites to the iPad.

It is definitely an app looking to change how we view our content. Still, it’s not without it’s problem areas. Many sites are simply not formatted well for Flipboard’s aggregation and will display something other than the desired text. Photos can get pixelated since the app will blow even the smallest photo up to fullscreen size. But overall, the app is a great way to enjoy your content and definitely worth it for the free price. Check it out.

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