iPad App Video Review: Death Rally

Apr 5, 2011

Death Rally is a game created by the developers Remedy Entertainment. This company has a history of decent game releases and this new title is no different. The app is a bird’s-eye rally race game with some great graphics and an interesting take on the underexposed genre.

Similar to many older racing games, Death Rally focuses on upgradeable cars and heavy weaponry. You will start out with nothing more than a junk car and no major weapons, but will eventually work your way up into new vehicles and much larger guns.

The game is controlled using an onscreen joystick and while the game ran wonderfully smooth, the joystick did get in the way on occasions. The graphics and sounds in this game are top notch with high quality animations and even optimizations for the iPad 2. The game features plenty of unlockables, though it seemed to be missing quite a bit of content for such a well-produced game.

The developers promise an update with new cars, levels, and even multiplayer so this game will definitely have replayability. It works with both the iPad and iPhone and was available at a medium price point at the time of this review. If you like arcade rally racing or just want to shoot something with a car, definitely check this app out.

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