iPad App Video Review: Cube It 3D

Jun 7, 2011

Cube It 3D is an edutainment game developed by SixClick Inc. The game is both fun and helps improve your spatial reasoning abilities. It’s a great app for both kids and adults alike, but especially for kids.

Cube It 3D has two game modes, Add/Delete and Move. In both modes, the goal of the game is to get the image on the right side of the screen to match the image on the left. In Add and Delete mode, you do this by adding and deleting blocks, and in Move mode, well, you do this by moving them, it’s pretty self explanatory. You can rotate the image on both sides for a better look, as well as zoom in and out. As you complete pictures you fight off the timer that is constantly counting down. If you do well and get large combos, you will eventually get to the next level of difficulty, making it harder and harder to beat the clock. The idea is to keep trying as you get farther and farther each time you try.

The game may be very simple, but it’s also very colorful and fun. The graphics and music are well suited for this kind of game. They also include Game Center leaderboards so you can see if your kid has better spatial reasoning skills than other people’s kids, but the game really is fun for adults as well. This little bit of intelligence building will cost you two dollars. There is a free version of the app, which honestly didn’t seem very different from the paid version at all. The interesting thing about it is that you can choose to unlock the full version of each mode rather than the whole game, with each mode costing a dollar to unlock, adding up to two. Just thought you should know that. Check this one out.

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