iPad App Video Review: Chicken Balls HD

Mar 24, 2011

Right on the heels of the release of Angry Birds Rio comes a new game called Chicken Balls HD. Food and body jokes aside, this game is looking to ride on the success of the top franchise by essentially providing a similar gameplay experience with some twists.

The point of the game is to launch the chicken into the air in hopes of popping the bubbles holding all the baby chicks. You complete the round once all chicks have been freed. Throughout the game you will be introduced to many different elements, like the aliens who need to be destroyed and the epic farmageddon strike which hails pigs and cows from the sky destroying everything in its path.

The game has a great look and feel too it, boasting excellent sounds and smooth graphics. But this wasn’t enough to keep my interest long. The gameplay feels too similar to Angry Birds and the extra features feel thrown in without truly improving the experience.

At the time of this review, the game was available for pretty cheap so it could definitely be worth the purchase. But I don’t see it stacking up to games like Angry Birds anytime soon.

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