iPad App Video Review: Bowmaster HD

Mar 4, 2011

The iPad is a device opening many doors to innovation. There are always awesome new apps popping up in the app store on a consistent basis. Bowmaster HD is one of these games. Unlike most targeting apps that utilize a flicking style of gameplay Bowmaster takes a completely different approach by having you hold a bow and pull the string back to fire.

The concept actually works pretty well and really does make you feel like you’re more involved with the actual shooting of the arrows. At the time of this review the game was free and offered a paid expansion to continue the campaign. While you can play through a campaign that will have you shooting against various opponents, you can also opt for a target shoot where you will need to practice your wind judgement and distance shooting.

The game played extremely smooth and was a ton of fun to try and beat. Most of the opponents were a breeze to beat but there were a couple in the paid expansion that really gave me a challenge.

I would definitely recommend grabbing this game while it is free. Check it out.

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